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May 11, 2007

BYU Students Turn Playground Equipment into Manual Labor Device

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Look at those pictures showing how much fun the engineering students are having. The reason they are smiling is because they are imagining the kids turning this thing around, generating power for the school, and having absolutely no fun whatsoever!

Admit it – when you were a kid, if it seemed like a toy and had no functional purpose, it was fun! That toy that you pushed around and made little popping noises was great. Not so much fun when it’s an actual vacuum cleaner. And sure, an air-powered nail gun is terrific when keeping neighboorhood dogs away or your sister from getting the last brownie, but once you have to use it to put up sheetrock? No fun – it’s Work!

Maybe the next project these enterprising students can work on is creating a large funhouse-style wheel that kids can run in and power the teacher’s lounge. Woo!


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