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March 6, 2007

A New Feature: Zero to Irrelevancy

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Well, since we are sorta starting up again around here, we figured that we would add a new feature. This one will be called: Zero to Irrelevancy. Primarily, it will be devoted to tracking how many comments it takes the discussion of Michael Otterson’s posts at the On Faith blog to devolve into backbiting, tangents, and shouting (occasionally, it will be applied to other blogs). We doubt that this number will ever reach double digits but we have hope.

On his latest post, Bro. Otterson attempts to explain/defend the church’s position on gay-marriage. It took exactly 2 comments for the thread to become irrelevant (though this is, of course, arguable as the 1st comment was strangely sycophantic).

Thank you.


BYUSA Presidential Candidates excited that their plans might actually be implemented

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As is being reported in the Daily Universe today, the proposed initiatives of the candidates running for office in this year’s BYUSA elections may actually happen, assuming of course that both teams running for the presidency actually make it through the election process without triggering some little-known technicality.

Candidates John Romney and Jason Linford, who were unexpectedly disqualified after winning last year’s election, are pleased that the BYU administration gave them the option of having their proposed initiatives pre-approved by the ASB this year.  “Last year, we were proposing that we have an open nomination process and wider access to election results,” remarked Linford, “but this year we are glad to know that the administration is helping us keep our goals realistic, like putting a calendar of events on the BYU Homepage.”

The other candidates, Summer Price and Devon Glassman, were also pleased with the administration’s interest in their platform.  Price said, “It is just good to know that the Lord’s university is being lead by men and women with such an interest in all aspects of student life.  Why, if it weren’t for them, Devon and I might have campaigned for a student government with actual power on campus? Who knows what might have happened then?”

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