The Ironic Priesthood

October 9, 2006

The Choicest Fruit: How to not judge

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Today’s entry comes to us from that bastion of acceptance and toleration, the American South.

Mormon Taliban

BYU students are the best. The standards that exist here can’t be beat. There are some though, who posses, dare I say, extremist opinions about what conduct is appropriate, and feel it their duty to criticize those that offend them. These self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitudes eerily mimic the attitudes of another extremist group – the Taliban.

The Taliban banned all forms of television, imagery, music and sports. Beards were required to be at a specified length, and women were obliged to wear the burqa when appearing in public. This group required such a level of conformity that any deviation from what the Taliban deemed “appropriate” was grounds for ridicule, punishment and often times, death.

It is funny to me that these Mormon Tailban members find it so necessary to be intolerant, condemning and judgmental of the different views of others on campus that may not share the same zealous views of their own. Just because you chose to watch G-rated movies only, making others feel guilty for attending a rated PG-13 movie, using colorful language, or even drinking an occasional diet coke because you live on a “higher plane” are sad displays of misconstrued priorities and lack of understanding of the gospel. Just because your opinion of a dance routine or the comment that someone made is unfavorable, what authority or scripture reference can you give to label it as inappropriate or evil?

Maybe you should never leave your apartment to be exposed to diversity of any sort. “Don’t judge lest ye be judged.” Or maybe we all should wear some sort of “burqa” so you won’t be offended.

Lee Carnell

Memphis, Tenn.

Because the way to show people that judgment is bad is to compare them to the Taliban.



  1. And what better way to talk about people who “criticize those that offend them”? Why, do the same unto them! Here, buddy, let me hand you the first stone…

    Comment by elderbarrywhine — October 9, 2006 @ 11:43 pm

  2. Ha… well who knew this would get any attention. When I wrote this article it was meant to be an ironical/ satirical interpretation to be interpreted in the way the reader felt best. I recieved a high number of critical responses to which just made me laugh because my point was made even more clearly by this. Thanks guys, you made my day


    Comment by Lee — March 22, 2007 @ 3:36 pm

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