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August 15, 2006

The choicest fruit: Great Expectations

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Hello.  After a brief hiatus, we are back.  However, I believe that today is the last fresh Daily Universe we will be getting for a couple of weeks.  We had better strike while the fish are jumping.

Immodest beauty queens

On the cover of the August 10th Daily Universe I saw a mystery that has been puzzling me for some time now. At the top right hand cover I meet Miss Utah, my young daughters to-be idol posing in her exemplary costume for Miss Whatever. I proceed to page five to read glowing reports of her accomplishments, including being a graduate from BYU.

Do we have different versions of the dress code at BYU for those in public acclaim and in performance mediums? I remember attending a dance performance at BYU some years ago that mirrored the type of dress we see here, so I don’t see it as anything new. I have seen apostles daughters in similar contests with similar attire. What goes?

If I am being elusive, allow me to be blunt-Is cleavage modest for those in front of the camera? Maybe I am not looking at this from the proper perspective, I know there are sports that require a type of dress that will accommodate a sport activity; what sport is this one? Perhaps our youth are learning quickly from these role models as I have noticed that it is no longer unusual to see many BYU coeds dressed similarly as they attend class here.

I look forward to any answer that is in the least bit logical.

Fauna C. Smith


Really, I think that  we can all look forward to seeing Ms. Smith’s hopes dashed regarding her last request.  If nothing else, I think that her decision to put beauty pageant contestants at the center of the culture war is justified.  We’re looking at you, Charlene Wells! (in a totally appropriate manner, of course).


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