The Ironic Priesthood

July 27, 2006

Conservative economist notes several striking similarities between rich and poor

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Frank McIntyre, a permablogger at Times and Seasons and a professor of economics at Brigham Young University, noted yesterday that the rich and poor both must sacrifice in the church.  While all are called upon to give up 10% of their income, this is considered a superior sacrifice for the poor, because they have less to begin with.  McIntyre notes that the rich are often called to positions of leadership, despite often having less time than the poor.  So, it turns out, both the rich and the poor must sacrifice something.  Surely the poor can use this to knowledge to keep themselves warm at night, as they have no blankets.

Other similarities noted include both rich and poor tend to eat food, have bad hair days, cry at the end of Field of Dreams, and get occasional paper cuts.  Beyond this, Prof. McIntyre cannot say as, being a university economics professor, he has no idea of what it is like to be rich.


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  1. I would like to see a continuation of the topic

    Comment by Maximus — December 20, 2007 @ 8:41 am

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