The Ironic Priesthood

July 20, 2006

The choicest fruit: Family…it’s about severe beatings

Filed under: Letters to the Editor — thehighpriest @ 5:52 pm

Today, we have two letters that encourage the death or abuse of EFY attendees.

Universal solution

With so many arguments spurring in the Daily Universe these days, I would like to propose a solution that should help all parties to feel satisfied. First of all, with the recent arguments concerning the tearing down of Deseret Towers, I would like to offer a small yet potent suggestion. To save money, we could simply demolish the buildings via explosives. Since there were no fireworks shows on the Fourth of July in Provo, I’m sure there are some leftover somewhere in the city. This would also attract local audiences who may still have a craving for that show. EFY kids could be in the buildings, which would solve the supposed CD-distribution dilemma as there would be no more CD’s needed on this campus. Given that there would still be some unemployed counselors, I bet they’d happily pick up the plums on the south end of campus.

Jeff Hill

Centennial, CO

Wet EFY Kids

Its about time someone pelted those annoying EFY kids with water balloons!! Besides, who in their right mind complains about that in the middle of July? They should have made those BYU students brownies! They clog up the WILK and every inch of sidewalk, yell in the hallways of the buildings, and push you as they are trying to get by! Next time a BYU throws a water balloon at an EFY student, listen closely… you will hear the sound of 30,000 sets of hands applauding.

Sharyl Escobosa

Ocala, FL

Well, we do talk a lot about the importance of the youth in the church.¬† I just didn’t realize we meant important as cannon fodder.


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