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July 18, 2006

The choicest fruit: A Daily Universe Letter to the Editor

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Whenever we get access to the Daily Universe letters to the editor, we will scour them for those elect nuggets of wisdom and hyperbole that are so often contained therein.  One qualification: we make no promises as to the opinions being expressed in these letters being actually held by the people writing them or by anyone else actually.

Plums just the start

Ms. Kramer (Plums on Campus, 13 July, 2006), I think you’re on to something. But why should we stop at harvesting plums? What about all of the grass on campus that goes wasted? Maybe BYU could have a few steers roaming campus. BYU could probably save a bundle on mowing expense. Imagine the amount of beef we could send to students in need (like out of work landscapists). And then what about the flowers? Beautification is so Temple Square. Let’s cut those suckers down and sell them to a floral shop. And those ducks that use our pond space, rent-free? Starving kids in Peking might know what to do with these squatters. Let’s work on turning CougarTown into CougarCo-Op—one plum at a time.

Dave Heywood Heber City, UT

Thank you, Mr. Heywood, for this reminder to not overreact at someone else’s well-intentioned suggestion.  Your restraint is a model for us all.


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